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Bespoke bookkeeping services for CPA’s and small businesses

Do not spend your valuable free time managing reconciliations and comparing cash flow to receivables, Call us today!

A lot of businesses find it difficult to take complete control of their bookkeeping due to time constraints or being under intense cost. And since efficient bookkeeping keeps track of total earnings, a company’s expenses, and provides insights on how to make forward movements, it cannot be overlooked.

You do not need to spend so much time reconciling your books, especially if your business or organization is just starting up. You also do not have to pay over the top for a full-time CFO or controller. All you need to do is employ the services of Cosmic IT Services.

Why ?

As far as bookkeeping services are concerned, Cosmic IT is number one. We are professionals at providing businesses with accurate and timely back office functions such as bank reconciliations, basic project management, accounts payable, complex strategic planning, etc. We take pride in the fact we are always able to supply our clients with the all the necessary data or information needed to move their businesses forward.

When Cosmic IT Services manages your bookkeeping, you can be rest assured of three things:

1) You would be getting a team of expert bookkeepers, and not just an individual to handle your business finances.

2) The financial reports you would get when you need them would be accurate and timely delivered.

3) You would have more time to focus on your customers and growing your business.

You do not have to worry about your pocket or the cost of our outsourced bookkeeping services, as our bookkeeping systems are different for every client. We look at the structure of your business and organization, before designing bespoke services that would suit your needs. For instance, your business may be in need of monthly preparation of balance sheets or P&L, while another business may want to see a certain report every Monday with updated financial information. Whatever the case may be, we are here for you.

Contact us today, and allow us design a payroll system that suits your business, create an accounts chart, or establish accounts payable and receivable policies and procedure. One great thing about employing our services is that whenever it is time to secure investors or financing, all the controls, reports, and systems you need to impress these potential investors or make better decisions would already be in place.